Insulations of delivery trucks

Additional insulations of delivery vans of all types and brands designed for transportation of easily perishable goods are produced out of sandwich panels where hard polyurethane foam is the core (free of substances harming the environment) and seat covers are out of polyester glass fibre with gelcout.

The panels are stuck down to the cargo space of the vehicle so that they to the maximum extent copied internal outlines of the insulated space.

Insulations for delivery vans are offered in four categories:

IN isothermal fitting-in without use of cooling aggregate
FNA cooling fitting-in with cooling aggregate
FNA-M cooling fitting-in of "hanging meat"
FRC freezing fitting-in up to -26°C with cooling aggregate

We cooperate with transport cooling suppliers at insulations in FNA, FNA-M and FRC design.

For insulations performed in this manner we have necessary hygienic certificates, authorised certification of Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic including record in the main registration books.

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