Shape  insulations

The shape parts are produced in two ways:

  • block cutting
  • injection in hollows

The cutting technology is used for production of parts that are cut in two axes (e.g. flat boards, insulation of conduits, chimneys, tanks, additional insulation of sliding and trapesial roofs).

Polyurethane foam or mineral wool is used for production of parts.

Polyurethane boards

The polyurethane boards are produced in any width and dimension of 2,000 x 1,000 mm.

Insulation of conduit

Dimensions of conduit, tanks and width of the insulation are subject to customer's request.

Insulation of bends:

  • minimum internal insulation diameter - 17 mm
  • maximum internal insulation diameter - 600 mm
  • maximum bend radius - 500 mm

Special shapes

Production of shapes according to the design documentation supplied (insulation of sliding and trapesial roofs).

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