Panels for building industry

The sandwich panels for the building industry are produced by sticking technology – in a vacuum press or injection in hollows technology. At both technologies any seat cover material may be used. These panels are used either for thermal insulation of buildings (facade slabs) or cooling or freezing bodies may be composed out of them that might then be assembled to the existing spaces.

We assemble various small constructions out of the produced parts, such as:

  • kiosks
  • industrial constructions (gatehouses, houses for safety technique of railways, control gas stations)
  • mobile containers for distribution of frozen meat

One of other products includes doorways with dimensions corresponding with CSN norm including forging. These doorways are jacketed by zinc-coated sheet metal. The panel core is again the hard polyurethane foam.

Apart from that we produce special sandwich panels that are part of technological units (e.g. air-exhausting devices in stores of vegetable, poultry farms, calf-houses, etc.).

The spectrum of seat cover materials that we are presently able to expertly apply to the polyurethane core is really wide and designers are thus given big space for their work and fantasy.

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